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Feeling Safe While Solo Traveling

How to feel safe when you are braving a new city all by your lonesome

The first thing I hear whenever I tell someone I am a female solo traveler is: "But isn't it dangerous?" I mean, technically yes, but driving is dangerous. The United States is dangerous. My commute to work is dangerous. You can't let that stop you.

Now, I am not telling you to walk into danger unprepared and feeling like Batman. No no no. You should do your research before traveling to any place. What is the political climate like? What are the typical customs? What should I be weary of? This blog will give you a few tips from an experienced solo traveler!

Tip #1 - Share your location

Share your location with your friends or family. Let them know where you are staying and doing so they have an idea of what to expect. I share my entire itinerary with my boyfriend before leaving so if he doesn't hear from me for too long, he can reference it and say, "Okay she would've last been seen here." You can share your uber ride with your friends or family as well. You can also wear an apple air tag on your bag and have that synced to a loved one so they can watch you that way. It's up to you how far you want to go with it!

Tip #2 - Know your limits

Being on vacation does not mean you have to get super drunk. Especially when traveling solo, this is ill advised. Know your limits! Make sure you know what the address is to where you are going (write it down just in case your phone fails you). Always have a portable charger with you. Trust your gut.

Tip #3 - Fake it till you make it

You do not have to tell anyone you meet that you are solo traveling. If you feel uncomfortable, it is a okay to say, "My boyfriend went to the bathroom," or, "My friend is grabbing us drinks." You don't owe anyone anything. If you feel comfortable, then no problem, but just don't make yourself a target.

Tip #4 - Carry a safety device with you

You cannot get through TSA with pepper spray... but you can get through with Birdie. I have the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm and I love it. Super cute and discrete, while making all the difference if I am in a spot of trouble. It has a loud alarm with a flashing strobe light. It is more of a deterrent than an actual aggressive counter attack. The idea is that it will make people turn and look your way, which scares off the bad guys.

Tip #5 - Know where you are staying Day 1

Yes there is a sort of attraction towards wanting to be spontaneous but NO. Do not be spontaneous with your first couple of nights in a new place. Arrive early, try and get a flight that lands mid day. Know exactly where you are staying. Do a walking tour to get your bearings. Do not think, "When I get there, I will figure it out."

Solo traveling is not dangerous if you know what you are doing

The most important thing is to do your research and plan. There are definitely things you can do to be even more safe and this guide covers those. I hope this is helpful!

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