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Bluegrass Region, Kentucky

It almost feels like a secret because it is just so amazing--- this place of rolling hills and horse farms exists right here in the states nestled in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.

Before I started dating Scott, Kentucky was just another state I had driven through to get from point A to point B. He told me he was from Kentucky and.I thought, well this will be fun. That sarcasm was met with complete shock when I found myself surrounded by horse farms, long white fences, and stone walls dating back hundreds of years. If you've never considered visiting Kentucky, here is your sign.

Horse farms, vineyards, and local eats

Don’t The areas we frequent when visiting Kentucky are Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfurt. Did you know Frankfurt is the capital of Kentucky? Both Lexington and Louisville have large university campuses, but I am partial to University of Kentucky (Lexington). The campus is absolutely stunning. Everywhere you drive around this region is surrounded by horse farms, the occasional vineyard, and tons of incredible restaurants complete with that industrial vibe.

Must See Spots in Kentucky

Spots for the Foodie


Must See Spots in Kentucky

Kentucky is a place I will go over and over again--- and not just because Scott's family is there. I am consistently blown away by the landscape and amount of things to do.

There truly is something for everyone in Kentucky. I am a foodie and I love cocktails, Louisiviille and Lexington never disappoint. Scott loves nature and trails, Red River Gorge is one of a kind. Not to mention the feeling of an old world as you walk through town! The architecture of the homes, the stone walls, the farmhouses, it will make you smile all day.

Spots for the Foodie

My list of food spots for this area is ever growing, but here are just a few of my absolute favorites:

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