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When I did all that, I opened myself up to the best experiences of my life. Solo. Not because I am not loved by my family. Not because no one wants to travel with me. Because I know time is precious, fleeting, and this world is just too incredible to miss it.


When I stopped saying, “Next time,” I started saying, “Remember when?” 


Now I am here for you, to share my story, and encourage you to harness your bravery. Let’s get started on your adventure.

Female. Petite. English speaker. Alone.


All of these adjectives apparently make it “dangerous” for me to travel solo. Let me tell you something: it is dangerous to be in a car. It is dangerous to be in your hometown. It is dangerous to be in a grocery store. 


There is danger everywhere. The best anyone can do is trust their gut, be aware of their surroundings, and yes, if visiting a foreign place, do their research! 


I am Sammie Aloha and I am here to encourage you to take that first step of solo travel: harnessing your bravery. I am already SO proud of you for looking into solo travel and finding yourself here, at my blog. 


How did I find my own bravery to solo travel? Well, brace yourselves for a really sad story. Here it goes.


When I was just 7 years old, I lost my two year old brother in a car accident. On my mom’s birthday. I experienced grief so early in life and really went from 7 to 27 overnight. Colors started to dull, magic started to wane, real life problems started to seep into my child mind. 


Over the years, my grief manifested as anger and frustration. Why him? Why not me? Why do I get to go on living? Every little thing I did felt huge; every birthday; every perfect attendance; every picture on the fridge. Why was he taken from me? Why doesn’t he get to experience this life? 


That sadness fueled my thirst for the world. I sat with myself and let it go. I turned it into positive energy. I decided to carry him with me. 


I stopped waiting for others to be ready. I stopped waiting for the ticket prices to go down on dream destinations. I stopped waiting for the right season. 



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